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Inside Pramati we believe in diversity and a global outlook. The cornerstone of our success lies in bringing talented people together, encourage free thinking and to inspire one another towards building amazing experiences driven by design and engineering.

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Our Culture

What sets us apart from the rest is our belief that ‘doing a good job’ is a fundamental human motivation. Talented people naturally excel in response to challenge.

Freedom, risk taking, and sense of collective achievement, fuel the innovative culture you’ll find at Pramati.

We capture the essence of our experience and best practices into processes and systems, but no process can be perfect. Our processes serve as the floor, not ceiling, of how we can best do things, as nothing substitutes common sense and timely thinking.

Ethics, integrity, and fair play have created an environment of ownership. Our work culture shows remarkable passion for excellence and exemplary cases of discretionary effort. A direct measure of that is our low employee attrition rate.

Whole Brain Thinking

Our Whole Brained approach to engineering, coupled with an entrepreneurial culture, is constantly challenging the status quo, both for our businesses and our customers. But Pramati is really different because of its people. Our values, passion, and way of doing things are the intangibles that make the difference to our customers and communities we serve.



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“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”

Steve Jobs

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