Infinite Possibilities with Innovation

Innovation is a cherished value for every Pramatian. We celebrate this value with Infinity, a company-wide innovation challenge across locations.Infinity is an opportunity to ideate, collaborate, learn, and to create something great.


 Idea Submissions





Bringing Ideas to Life

Last year, ninety teams submitted their original ideas ranging from humanitarian solutions to speculative bets on the future world. Some built internal productivity apps, others aimed to aid developers and most offered up tangible ideas for B2B, B2C & B2B2C apps. Several of the submissions were on the cutting edge of technology –including bots, AI, and IoT.From the ninety submissions, thirteen teams were selected as finalists. Participants were invited to present their ideas at the Infinity forum held at all three locations. A few ideas were also prototyped/integrated with existing products.Overall, Infinity 2016 was a spectacular event. We believe this year’s edition will spawn even more exciting innovations in technology with market potential and the ability to disrupt existing trends.


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